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Alicia Maddox – Interns Experience

Each year we have the pleasure of taking on a high school intern. It is always rewarding to work with young people, and to see your work and the world through their eyes. Here is the reflection of this year’s intern:

My internship here at Avery Dennison has come to an end. It is my last day here and I cannot help but feel a sense of sadness. I can clearly remember the first day I walked into the Avery Dennison building in Glendale, California. My palms were sweating and I had “butterflies” in my stomach. I was extremely nervous; however that feeling did not last very long. Once I walked through those glass doors, I got this feeling of relief and excitement. Every single individual made me feel so welcome. I did not expect everyone to be so friendly. Each time I walked by someone, they greeted me with a smile; that was one thing I did not expect in an office setting.

Although, my internship only lasted four weeks, I feel that I have experienced and accomplished so much during this short time. Throughout my time here, one of the key projects I tackled was helping prepare and set-up for the employee event, “Takeaway Tuesday.” I did not expect a company to give back to their staff as much as Avery Dennison does. Another project that really intrigued me was working with the Avery Dennison’s “207 Green Team” to implement a composting program in the building. I had a great time working with them, and learning about all the new techniques they plan to launch in the building. The Green Team allowed me to see another side of the company, one that I was not expecting. The Green Team proved to me that Avery Dennison is a company that truly cares about sustainability and “improving the quality of all life.”

Many individuals made this experience something that I will always remember. In the short time that I was here, they managed to make me feel welcomed and a part of the team. I am so grateful to have met these wonderful individuals because they inspire me. I cannot thank everyone at this company enough for making this an experience of a lifetime.

This journey may only have been four weeks, but I am certain that I will always remember the time I spent at Avery Dennison.


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